Dominance & submission

Well for the unforgivable .. please note I have but begun these pages and hope you will bookmark us and return many times as the pages will hopefully blossom rapidly like our many special F/friendships.. We have been around for a longtime but had yet to really put a site together. We are now remedying this situation. You will find here very soon much information, links, pics of people who are F/friends on #D/s. We hope that the time you spend here will help each in their ever growing understanding of a lifestyle, simply called D/s. The channel #D/s is found on the IRC client of mirc on austnet and bondage. If you get a chance stop in and visit, who knows in the future you may find your own pic and bio here as well. As for now .. take a peek if it pleases but don't expect too much as of yet, as this girl is not a webhead ... but luckily for everyone a girls daughter Crysania, without who this project may still have been nothing but a thought..

Peace be with you, hawksong

For all of those who walk through life knowing that within themselves there is something missing or different , W/we welcome Y/you.



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Page Created with much Love on June 2000
Last updated August 11th 2001

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